NEW topics for 2019 include:

  • Future foresights and anticipation development
  • Future of security and cybercrime
  • Emergency rescue technologies to reduce response times and increase survival rates
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in fighting crime
  • Full stream focusing on intelligence analysis and collating
  • In depth discussion on intelligence-based decision making and technologies that assist with that entire stream on biometrics and identifying personalities
  • Crime prediction technologies and use of big data
  • Data privacy and protection obtaining evidence balance
  • Utilization of intelligent processing of information using e-discovery and artificial intelligence analysis
  • Use of mobile device for online transactions and to transmit personal information
  • Fresh analysis of remote forensics
  • Use of digital records for medicine, explosives, toxicology, surveillance
  • Threat intelligence for cyber forensics with best practice mechanisms from the international community

If you feel that you have an exciting project or case-study to share and would like to be considered as a speaker, or to suggest a topic that you feel should be addressed at the conference, please contact the organizers.